How to cut dog nails

How to clip dog nails

Many dogs don’t have their nails cut all that often, but if they run around a lot on hard surfaces and you can hear the nails clicking, then it is time for a trim.

Should I get a dog groomer to cut my dog’s nails?

The truth is that most dogs hate having their feet handled so clipping or trimming your dogs nails may be a bit of an ordeal unless you are very experienced. We recommend using local dog groomers for this task because they will have good equipment and appropriate experience. However, it is possible to do the job at home. You should make sure that you have lots of treats available to distract your dog while the task is being done. It might be worth having a treat ready for yourself when it’s over to!

A dogs toenail is made up of the nail itself and the quick. This is the pink part of the toenail which supply blood to the nail and you should avoid cutting into the quick because it bleeds a lot and is very sensitive.

Hold the foot steady, but make sure that you are being gentle

Cut off a small part of the end of each toenail using proper dog clippers. If the nail feels spongy while you’re trying to cut it, you must stop immediately because this will indicate that you are cutting into the quick.

If you do cut into the quick, your dog will be very unhappy and will let you know straight away. There will also be blood. You should have a damp warm cloth ready to hold against the cut nail. If possible, you can also have styptic powder which can be applied with a cotton swab.

If the nail cutting process has been traumatic (either for you or the dog) then you might consider giving your dog a relaxing bath which gives a lovely feeling of security.

Cutting the dogs nails is a specialist task which although it can be done by an enthusiastic amateur at home, we recommend that you use the services of a local dog groomer who will be more experienced and will make the whole process much more positive for both dog and owner I like.